Recipes for Reality

The effort to get meals on the table is going on in every household in America.

Truth is, each family is coming up with its own solutions every day.

Here I share how I am managing.  Maybe some of what I have done will work for you!


Apple Meatball Kabobs – from Parents Magazine

Egg and Prosciutto Panini

Review of Giada’s Mom’s Veggie Loaf

Ingredient Comment:  Bread Crumbs

What a juggling act it is:  health considerations, time management, money management, individual tastes and preferences x the number of people in the family, achieving variety in ingredients and recipes, how much to buy to have enough on hand but not have too much go to waste, how to feed adults and kids without becoming a short order cook whose shift is never over, getting kids involved, snack time decisions, lunch box meals, take-out vs. frozen vs. grocery prepared vs. home-made, and on.  We are lucky to have so many choices, and yet it is not easy.

Please share what you are trying and how it is going!  Leave a comment!

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